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We developed this system because we know that most small-to-medium sized businesses needed the benefit of a customized accounting system.

And since it's a custom system, we need to discuss exactly how you would like to keep your financial records. Exactly, as in precisely. As in your way without compromise. Because we've already established how much compromising your business practices is costing you.

what's next:

  1. we look at how you keep your books.
  2. This is an accounting system, so it is important for us to look at the types of records you keep and would like to keep.

  3. we look at the forms you use.
  4. Every business works with a unique set of forms. We will tailor your system to handle the paperwork you process. And in many cases, create ways for you to eliminate much of the paper.

  5. we look at the reports you generate.
  6. You need reports to manage your business. You also have mandated government reporting, including the inevitable taxes. Our system will allow you to seamlessly and effortlessly create the reports you need, whether they are paper or electronic.

  7. we look at how you archive your records.
  8. What happens to your old accounting data? Do you close your books every month? Do you need to keep a paper trail? We make sure the balances are carried and hardcopies generated. Just as crucial is how we can archive your data files to make them more efficient to work with.

your free consultation

Clearly, the more we learn about how you work, the more effective atomic-accounting becomes. We offer you a FREE consultation with NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Our goal is to show you what we can do and how much atomic-accounting can actually save!

your guarantee

We admit...this is a pretty radical approach to financial record keeping. So we will make this promise to you:


We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the design of your custom accountng system.  We will do everything to make sure that it will do exactly what you need for it to do.


For a limited time, we will give you up to 90 days in which to do unlimited revisions of your forms and reports, as long as they are within the original scope of your system.

As you can see, THERE'S NO FINE PRINT. We make these commitments and will stand by them. When we say we will make you an accounting system specific to your needs, designed to save money by making your office more efficient...we mean it!

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